Quiet, Sabbath Peace

We started and ended our sail on Sunday… Both days had very busy mornings, but very relaxed afternoons…

But the trip was both an exercise and an embrace of the notion of a Sabbath. Partially because Deb isn’t completely recovered from last year’s treatment, partially, despite the fact that we’re both extroverts, neither one of us are joiners. Sometimes I think it’s because both of us find it difficult to do what extroverts MUST do in a crowd, listen to every single conversation. BOOM is the sound of an extrovert’s head exploding!

So we did very little. We certainly talked to people at meals. But we spent a lot of time sitting on one deck or another, inside or outside — depending on the weather or our need — just gazing at Nature’s Beauty and enjoying the Peace and Quiet. It was enough to make a soul sing… and it did. and from the looks of rapture on the faces of many people, mine was not the only one.

And so i wish you that, today, on this summer afternoon, a place to sit and gaze at Beauty. A place to still your mind and then heart and soul. Peace. Blessed be.


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