Melting Peace

The glaciers sculpted not only Glacier Bay but the terrain around it. Its abundant beauty is a gift from those frozen artisans. The Tlinglet people made their homes in this Bay because the tools for a good life were abundant. Certainly their way of life is threatened by glaciers that are melting more and more quickly due to global climate change. But all our lives are endangered by the loss of Polar Ice and glaciers.

What will we do? How will we respond? Perhaps we need to see the beauty to be stirred to action. It’s interesting that tourism, which is always responsible for some environmental degradation, is taking it upon themselves to educate. Each tour boat has a Tlinglet Native and a governmental Naturalist on board describing the history, the present and the possible futures for this astonishing area. Let us learn. Let us work toward Peace. Let’s halt the glacier’s rapid disintegration…


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