Posy Peace, llvl

Today is brought to you by the sturdy, cheerful daffodil.

They’re not the first flower to tiptoe in when spring starts, but when they arrive spring is no longer hovering on the edges of our lives. The light has changed. The temps have usually warmed some. And there they are. great masses of them, thumbing their trumpets at the wind and the cool and damp. They’re not fragile.

I love that you plant them and they slowly take over. There are houses whose entire lawns become spring festivals when the daffodils bloom. You can find them in the woods where there used to be houses and the while time has reclaimed the foundation, the daffodils sunnily march on. They are creatures of abundance, those blooms.

My cousin wrote after seeing this morning’s poem to remember her spring coat. Both our mothers sewed, and we were so lucky… and my mother LOVED color. when it was spring around our parts, you could tell that the Evans girls were in the house.

So, get out there and shine. Be strong. Be beautiful. Be Peaceful. Be your best self. It’s spring and it’s time to blossom!


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