Work, Play, Peace, llvl

When you’re living “local,” Mother Nature sucks you in! Pay attention, she says, we’re in relationship.

So, no matter how busy you are, no matter how important your work, you have to make time for a cup of tea with your friend the Earth — the Great Mother. You have to care how she feels. You have to notice when she’s looking great… (and yep, you have to be the nurse when she’s ailing!).

And you have to balance the other important things in your life with this relationship. Your health is dependent upon hers. And her cycles ground you and give you so much pleasure.

It’s Earth Day… the 44th. Why not take the next year and explore your relationship with this fascinating, complex, breathing entity? And today? start a new habit of noticing and appreciating. She’s worthy of your effort and respect. Peace to all on Earth. Peace with the Earth. Peace. Earth. Peace. Earth. Peace.


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