New Beginnings Peace, llvl

It seems to me that Spring is a season of delight and expectation, balanced by (equinox remember) deep disappointment. It’s still cold and it’s still grey. Never mind that a look at the almanac is pretty clear that cool, grey, rainy weather’s the norm for April. We want it to be warm, and somehow damp and 55 isn’t cutting it for us. And that many of those flowers we’re long for aren’t really due until may. And when they show up early, as fun as it is… it probably means the weather’s a bit out of whack.

And I’m longing as much as the next person. But part of writing this blog is being honest with myself about what is true. And that’s that the way we live, particularly those of us in the first world, particularly those of us in THIS part of the first world, want what we want with no thoughts about impact.

So, can we enter Spring differently? hmmm. I probably need to think about this, write about this. Living la vida local isn’t all sweetness and light. It’s paying attention to what’s real and true. And doing what’s best for the community. Ah those challenging places in between… Here it’s not so much about finding Peace, perhaps, as making Peace… How will we do that?


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