Peace of Spring Memories, llvl

Yesterday, I remembered the Spring coats April used to bring. Mom would sew wonderful light wool coats in marvelous colors. Locally, it’s very difficult to buy wool like that, these days. (Not that I’m allowed to buy any more fabric… I love fabric, I just shouldn’t be allowed to despoil it!) One of those many times I turn to ask Deb what she remembers… Mom never made Tom Spring coats! (bet he’s jealous!)

But in thinking about them, I thought about the reality of Spring. We didn’t expect Spring to turn to Summer immediately. I don’t think I’m remembering wrongly. I think weather changes were more gradual then. There was such excitement in the unfolding. We certainly got tired of winter, but embraced the cool blustery days.

Is there, I ask myself, a certain urgency to accepting things as they are, realizing that if we insist on the world being as we want it all the time (as if we can insist on weather!), we’re growing unwilling to make the changes (the cutbacks) to arrest global climate change. We’ll pay a huge price if we don’t. And we won’t be the first ones to pay it. So, I’m going to look for the right clothes for the weather we’re having… and keep thinking about ways to respond to climate change that aren’t simplistic and kneejerk… things that are meaningful… I guess the first step is waking up, paying attention.

But maybe I at least have a Spring colored scarf! That will help me do the work I have to do… ah well. today i’m wearing stripes… because I’m off to Head Start with my Sweet Pea to read a book entitled Stripes of All Types for their PA 1 book of the year.



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