April (Tax) Fool Peace, llvl

Some days it’s just about churning through the work. I’m lucky enough to be going away with my sweet pea for vacation… but I’ll be away over the 15th… sooooooo. Taxes due today. Really hoping there won’t be any unpleasant foolishness! eek.

But getting things done — that year’s worth of stuff sorted and and stuffed back into the right categories — gives a body pleasure. Nope, I’ve tried doing it month by month. Takes a bunch more time and causes a lot more anxiety. Not worth the effort, but thanks.

And it’s not like I’m actually responsible for DOING my taxes. Thank goodness for Kim, my April best friend. And that makes me a lucky woman, that I can do that…

I might wish that my taxes would pay more for social services for people rather than corporations (although I certainly use any tax breaks I get). Looking at the not-quite 10 cents a day I pay toward SNAP, I’m trying to balance that out in my charitable life…

But the bottom line (taxes are all about the bottom line) is that I live a very good life. And I’m grateful indeed.

Here’s to making Peace with all those pieces of Paper!


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