Labyrinth Kid Peace, llvl

Labyrinths are magic for kids… and as Lenore says, as long as they’re in their socks, big deal if they run like crazy. And they do. In and out and in and out. It’s rarely silent either, but… it’s fun to watch. They all settled down for a comfortable little conversation. Who knows what that earnest young man is talking to the toddler about?

LabyrinthKidsMeditation tools… they work their magic in many different ways. I find simply stepping onto the mat is soothing to me and I’ve almost always got some insight by the time I’ve wandered into the center and out again. For me it’s a great period of self-reflection, breathing in, breathing out. But that’s not the way kids work, usually… however, there remains something healing about the right turn, left turn, into your center and out, whether it’s walked slowly and deliberately or at breakneck speed. And sometimes, quiet happens.

I wish you all labyrinth Peace… and hey! Peace of the last day of March!


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