Circle Singing Peace Sabbath, llvl

Yesterday I sat with 15 people and we sang together. No one knew what we were going to sing until a leader started the song. Every song started slowly and tentatively until we’d really learned it and then it would soar and weave until it died away.

This morning, I can’t actually remember anything we can sing, but I can clearly call to mind (heart, body and soul) how it felt to sing.

We started the process with listening. Wonder as the singing started, and then with attention as we learned the song line by line. And then, the great unfolding. Oh, to sit still and sing, sing, sing. It was lovely…

When I lived in California and A Communion of Women met weekly, we sang. Chant after chant. Chants and songs I’d written, chants and songs others had. It was healing! And back here, I haven’t done that much. These songs were songs most of us didn’t know and we went and went and went. Those songs were songs we didn’t… sometimes that meant that the singing was extended, sometimes it meant it was curtailed, and still we sang.

Often my focus is on the world’s Peace, or my community’s. Yesterday, the work was inward facing… and I loved it. Thanks Wendy Luella Perkins for your visit from Ontario. Thanks friends for the singing Joy/singing Peace. What a way to bring in the Sabbath.




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  1. I’ve been part of a women’s sacred song circle for three years at the UUS:East in Manchester, CT. Every Thursday we sit in a circle and we sing. We learn by repetition together–songs of the earth, of peace, of healing, of joy. That you spontaneously did this must have been an overwhelming experience Ann. How wonderful.

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