Honor, Love, Advent Peace

Honoring our own path. It’s a big claim, isn’t it. That what I do is worthy of honor?

I was talking with a friend last night about having spent a bunch of my life written off as “cute.” There are worse things, you think, but really, cute is not what you want to be. Cute isn’t taken seriously. Cute doesn’t take itself seriously.

It’s been a long journey from cute to competent. Hell, it’s a long journey from anywhere to competent. But this? Is the time we have. (Even puppies grow out of cute to be fine old dogs if we’ve let them.) It’s not easy to grab that bull by the horns and say, I’m going to be competent. I’m going to be kind. I’m going to be a Peacemaker. I’m going to make a difference. And I will be not only respectful of the way I do it, I will esteem it.

For that to happen, I must be willing to do my best. Every day, one foot in front of the next. Does that mean there’s no time off? No. It may mean there are more. Because when you’ve decided to honor your work, it means you don’t phone life in. And that demands that you give yourself some down time so that your on time can be just that. It’s not just being present. It’s making your life a prayer, one of thanksgiving for your gifts and promise for your possibilities.

I will honor myself. I will honor my path. I think (I hope) I do better at honoring your path. Namaste, I honor all that is good in you… which is seen by all that is good in me. For me to be able to say Namaste, I must honor myself. So, Namaste, I think you’re wonderful. And I am doing a job that is worthy of my skills and talents and passion. Today. and I promise you, tomorrow. How about you?


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