Surrender to Love, Advent Peace

It’s funny how the words go together during this advent mash-up…

We don’t look very often, for Love can be overwhelming… not just the “I love you” kinda love, but that too… but the look at how much love there is kinda love.

And once in a while, it’s good to allow yourself to be washed away in the Love. (I know it’s a bit of a cold metaphor for a winter’s day, but it’s how it feels… hmmm should i have used sledding? oh, too late. surf city here we come!

Right now, with the work we’ve been doing at church, there are a whole bunch of possibilities that may come about, simply because we decided we could make a difference. We have done stuff so much differently this year as a result. But the part that’s overwhelming is that it’s changing what’s going on around us.

Clapping for Tinkerbelle works. Magic requires a lot of hard work, that’s the part we forget, but then it becomes magic. or maybe just exponential. But we don’t want me to be doing math metaphors… eek. Love can go viral. There a nice internet metaphor. and when it does, we should throw up our hands and squeal with delight (Knoebel’s roller coaster metaphor) and ride the ride. Because the squealing with delight is part of the fun.

So surrender to it. And ride the wave, or the roller coaster, or the interwebs! Delighted squealing for Peace. Delighted squealing as a prayer path. Let’s hear it!


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