Cherish, Love, Advent, Peace

String after string of words. Variations on a theme. Trying to get it right.

Trying to find the paths that fit. Trying to find the support that you need in this season of anticipation.

Today when it’s so dangerous underfoot, I am largely free to stay home. This is my day of rest. So I can practice cherishing the lovely home I am grateful to have. It has great bones this old house. And I have great neighbors and landlords. That makes it a pretty good start. And my house is filled with my past — family, travels, art, color (oh, yes, color!). Some favorite books, some comfortable furniture. And candles for days!

Time to do a little cherishing. Time to do a little work I love in the midst of this beloved space. And then as it gets less slippy, time to wander off to “my” swimming pool and spend some time cherishing my body… and tonight, if the weather holds, I can lavish some attention on my husband and go watch him play.

Trying to keep it slow, so the careful tending of my life and my loves has a chance to be accomplished. Not an easy for a woman who often moves at warp speed.

But if I don’t take the time to cherish and to open my heart to Love, how do I give myself the time to pay attention to Peace?


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