Get on the Peace Train to Somewhere Fabulous!

I like traveling. I like meeting new people. I like trying new foods. I like the sea (lake, river, pool, hot tub) anywhere I find it (them).

So in my 20s traveling through Europe on trains was extraordinary and so exciting. Venice wasn’t my first big adventure, but it was a fabulous one.

I liked traveling alone. I liked doing it with friends. I often had destinations, so I didn’t have to get off the train and not know where to go, although plenty of folk do well with that. But I saw things and I met people and I ate local cuisine and I swam in the waters. Life is filled with loveliness and interesting people. Interesting people from foreign lands have new perspectives on Peace. It’s always good to encounter those…

Yes, every place has its own share of challenges, but we have to encourage the lovely things. We have to talk with people not like us and find new ways to work together for the good. We have to put ourselves in the way of the hateful in every way we feel able. Let us be the ones who make a difference. Let us be those who make Peace.

And oh, visit sunny Venice before it sinks into the sea. It’s gorgeous, filled with history, water and beauty. And wild, wonderful people and great food. It has plenty of problems to contend with, but it also has its own Peace.


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