Look at the Bounty; Find the Peace

Things keep happening. And all we see is the scarcity and the lack.

We have to look at what people are doing. We have to look at the hate.

But we also have to remember the incredible bounty. We have to remember that the well is not dry. We must fill ourselves up for the work ahead of us.

It’s summer. The gardens are pumping out vegetables as fast as they can… That abundance is there to nourish our bodies. It is also a reminder to our empty souls and broken heart that there is what is needed if we decide to share it. There is what is needed to renew our spirits.

It’s good if we take a look, because we need to keep ourselves strong… there is so much that is wrong so we must be strong to Peace. You and I, together, digging through all the grime. Peace. We can do this.



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