Lead or Follow, It’s Time for Peace

As we make decisions in our lives, we have to be very certain that we’re opting for Peace.

Some of us are leaders, and our choices must have Peace at the heart, each and every time. Some of us are followers, and you cannot lead all of the time, but those we choose to follow must be Peacemakers.

Our decisions need to be that clear — not simple, but clear.

Often those choices get framed in terms of sacrifice. What do we have to give up to make space for Peace. Those are good questions.

But we don’t hear enough about what we gain… not only the big, grandiose gains… Peace in our Time… but Peace in our lives… How would that enrich us? Who would our new neighbors be? What do we get to learn as we negotiate around the hard places?

There are a host of things that I can no longer budge on. The safety of women and children and their well being, space for people whose gender identity or religious identity are different than mine, and Peace. Peace, Peace, Peace. Leading or following Peace.

Peace. Lead. Follow. Or, really, Get out of the way.


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