Anticipate Hope Advent Peace

That’s a fun string of words!

I really can’t imagine why our culture doesn’t think anticipation is fun. It seems that when we want things, we want them NOW! but there’s so much pleasure in the waiting for it to appear. Think of the number of kids who bounce into Christmas Eve. Sure it’s about the presents, but it’s SANTA. and magic reindeer. and oh, my goodness, JOY.

Believers of all sorts look forward to the changes that the middle of December brings with the same bubbling delight. As of one date, life will be different.

That bubbling delight is something we can have — but we have to make space for it. With kids, it’s instantaneous, but then we train it out of them, and invite ennui to take its place. A friend told me about her girl’s over-the-top excitement because SHE’S GOING TO A CONCERT. In August. And she’s still spinning like a top. Good friends invited her and she’s always wanted to see this band and no one’s told her you can only get excited about what’s right here and now.

Advent, for me is about that. Lighting that candle at night (or in the afternoon — hooray for early dark) reminds me that something’s coming, something good. It allows me to plan for that.

My meditation at this time of year is about what I’d like to bring into the world this year. What particular seed of my soul am I willing to plant and bring to fruition. or… fruit! If we’re following the Wheel, we’ve spent the fall, sorting the bounty and then examining the gifts of our souls (our own rich soil) and now we get to consider what we want to coax out into the light when the time is right.

This is a long luxurious time, if we let it be. And I know, all the obligations of the season loom. But just because you go to a party, doesn’t mean you have to do more than show up and drift through. Life can be lovely, you just have to plan a bit and then… sit back and anticipate.

Imagine, you’re on the road to Peace. You are. You. What fun will that be to get there!


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