Acknowledge, Hope, (Wonder), Peace

How did we get so frozen?

We can’t accept things the way they are. We can’t forgive ourselves for our screw-ups and missteps… what hebrew calls “missing the mark,” even though religious traditions all call for that, but ah, right, most of us aren’t part of a religious community. And then, we have a hard time acknowledging the things that are right.

What have we done to ourselves? Everything gets so strapped down, no place for the wonder. Because it seems that might grow on acknowledgement of things that are going along the way they should. If we acknowledge what’s right, at the same time we accept and forgive, BOOM! there they are Possibilities — and aren’t they beautiful.

Right here, right now, in this holiday season… Life, Potential, Possibility, Peace, growing by leaps and bounds and we get to wonder at the Beauty. Let me just tell you how grateful I am for all the amazing things you have done. You’re really quite talented. (Now say thank you!)


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