A Cool Spring Sabbath

On the one hand, it’s 27˚ this morning. Brrr. Have spent some frantic searching for clothes that are warm enough but still Springlike. Even I am tired of black for the moment!

On the other hand, the violets are out. I love violets. Love them. And the cool weather seems to be their friend. They riot across lawns, and because it’s cool, don’t wilt in the heat. They linger longer. And anything that keeps them filling my eyes and my nose with beauty gets a whoo-hoo from me!

The Sabbath… it’s a great day to take some time and go violet hunting. The payoff is both subtle and exquisite. Count your blessings as you count the violets. That’s a pleasant way to be present to a Sabbath afternoon and to store up memories so you have something to look for next year. Peace and quiet be with you. Enjoy!


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