Everywhere, Peace

The events in Boston have kept many of us riveted to our TVs or computers. It was difficult to look away, difficult even to remember that only halfway across the country another tragedy had occurred and even more people had died and houses had been lost along with lives. Was this a tragedy caused by indifference rather than intention? It may be hard to tell, since it seems there has been no oversight on this company for many years. But as in Boston, there is no way to protect yourself from such a thing if you’re going about the business of living a life…

Which leaves us all with so much work to do. I do seem to keep ringing this bell don’t I. But as our worlds get larger and larger, thanks, in large part to technology, we have to pay attention on so many different levels and in so many different arenas. Eyes and hearts open. Hands out. Brains engaged. Hard work to make this world safer, sweeter, saner.

Harping on Peace — nice double entendre, eh? I work to keep the tune palatable to the ear and keep my fingers in practice so that I can continue to play. Because if we keep doing our work, the chorus is only going to swell! But my dears, offer up your prayers for Peace and then do the hard work of praying, the getting to the business of bringing Peace to our beloved Mother Earth.


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