Peace at the Center

It was an astonishing moment for the two of us… I don’t know, maybe you won’t find it interesting. But my friend, a huge introvert, and I, with only extrovert bones in my body, discovered that our take on writing was completely different.

I speak my writing, sort of, and then arrange it on the page. I slowly pare away words once they’re out there, occasionally adding something. But for me, writing is fast, editing is laborious.Writing, the work of an extrovert.

For her, who’s boiled everything down, writing is laborious but editing a breeze. Writing, the work of an introvert.

What’s fun is that often we have similar visions of Peace, but we’ve looked at the Peace elephant very differently. So… We’ve looked at Peace from both sides now. But neither she nor I have probably looked at Peace from your vantage point, which will be somewhere exactly the same or completely different from our takes… and you’ll write it differently as well. But Peace? Will still be at the center of our work!


One thought on “Peace at the Center

  1. Ah, writing to find out what I know, that is exactly how I do it. Someone once said, “How do I know what I mean until I see what I say?” Yeah, that sounds like me, and isn’t it a delight to find out that two different methods can be paths with a common destination? I’m really enjoying these, Ann.

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