A Big Ol’ Pile of Peace Dirt

Put a bunch of kids together on this pile of dirt, “arm” them with trowels and rakes and toys to play with, and it won’t matter if they speak the same language or not. Because they’ll be busy playing together.

Dirt. The new leveler.

Dirt. The new weapon for Peace.

Nothing but good times ahead until someone comes with the snack.

Yes, someone needs to have said “Play nice,” before they take them there; someone needs to intervene if the big kids start picking on the little ones — they’re children, not saints.

But all things being even, Peace will reign on the dirt pile and kids will have fun, and the mothers will laugh to see it be so.

Spring. Dirt. Clothes you can play in. Friends, old or new. No assignment other than to have a good time. Being young enough you don’t worry about getting your hands dirty. Peace. Sometimes it’s simpler than we think. Not always. but sometimes. If we let that happen.

Peace. Dirt. Spring.


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