Fountains of Peace

I love fountains. I know that in places where there is a shortage of water fountains are wasteful. Tell that to Nature who threw up all those waterfalls and said, watch!

Cascades of water are such a wonderfully extravagant statement. Look at all this beauty.

And to watch this one dance on the still water? Such a delight!

And that Mommie story is one of my favorites. It’s one of the things I got right with Mom, insisting there was a bath for her. Looking back, there’s lots I’d do differently but baths are not one of them. Remember when I am old, put me in a bath and read any of the stories that are on my kindle. Baths and reading are such a perfect, perfect delight.

(One of my great invention ideas in seminary was that someone should print a binder version of the bible and that the pages of each chapter should be waterproof. Trust me that a bible is too heavy to hold in the bath!)

We’re having an unbelievably beautiful day here along the Susquehanna. I hope it’s beautiful where you are!

Peace of the lovely fountain to you. Peace is abundant and as extravagant in her display as any fountain. Enjoy the beauty, bathe in it if you get a chance!


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