A Breakfast of Peace Champions

What is your champion breakfast? What is it that gets you going, ready to face the day?

I loved Terri’s pic of this plate and this cup. Here, eat your breakfast and get ready to face the day, filled with things good for you and things a bit indulgent. Look at your cup and remember how courageous you are.

I must say when I see this cup, I don’t think about doing “bad” things, I think about doing things that are no good for the status quo. I think about doing things that are good for Peace — that sort of no good.

We work for Peace in so many different ways. It’s always good to begin your day with a moment of calm and reflection. Breakfast is a very important meal.

And then? Go out there and make Peace. Go be its Champion. You’re prepared. You’re ready! Every day Peace. Everyday Peace.


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