Breakfast Peace

Mmmm. Breakfast. It’s a great thing. Part of the reason its great is that it moves around the calendar. What’s breakfast in the Summer is not breakfast in the Winter. Well, at least usually.

Today it was leftover pizza — which means lunch better be a salad. oopsie.

I like breakfast and not just because it’s good for you. I like it because there are so many ways to enjoy it! And you just get out of bed and get to eat. How’s that for an unearned prize! Sleep. Then eat. Yes!

It’s a Peaceful meal… (and I’ve already a lot of people respond to the email I sent out! What do you eat that brings you Breakfast Peace?)


Breakfast of Peace

I try to start my mornings out slowly. But slowly doesn’t have to mean solitary.

For the past three weeks, i’ve had good friends staying with me on a long visit from Sweden. Oh, such joy, they haven’t been to my house before. so it was grand. On most mornings, we’ve had Swedish breakfast, bread, cheese, with tomatoes or cucumber (darn, i forgot to buy a cucumber the other day!)

But once in a while, we’ve done a big breakfast. It’s a meal I actually feel competent at, so no stress. And they’re not sitting tapping their feet waiting for the next thing, they’re quiet in the morning as well. They too like peace and quiet in the morning.

Good breakfasts fuel us for a day of Peace-making!  Another slice of toast, before you Peace, my friends?


Different Peace for Different Folks at the Truckstop

Some people go to truck stops on their way to somewhere; they’re wayside stations for travelers, portals for the open road. So useful now that priories aren’t on every street corner and don’t have to take you in.

For truckers, for instance, who stop at the same places, time after time, it’s part of their neighborhood. These are people they know and greet, maybe even a couple times a week. This is why they exist. This is where long-haul drivers find and create some sort of normalcy in their jobs.

For people out on a vacation, these really are refueling stations. Gas, free bathrooms, and standard, if uncreative, reasonably priced food.

For me, the memories about truck stops are after late, misspent evenings in my youth. Whether I’d been out with friends, or working late at the bar, the truck stop always had a warm welcome and the kind of breakfasts I eat only late at night. All this familiar food in slightly exotic locales. It may be local, but you don’t really belong.

So much possibility at one Gas n Go, eh?

Peace comes in many forms — at the truckstop and other places. Find it! Create it! Let’s Peace!


A Breakfast of Peace Champions

What is your champion breakfast? What is it that gets you going, ready to face the day?

I loved Terri’s pic of this plate and this cup. Here, eat your breakfast and get ready to face the day, filled with things good for you and things a bit indulgent. Look at your cup and remember how courageous you are.

I must say when I see this cup, I don’t think about doing “bad” things, I think about doing things that are no good for the status quo. I think about doing things that are good for Peace — that sort of no good.

We work for Peace in so many different ways. It’s always good to begin your day with a moment of calm and reflection. Breakfast is a very important meal.

And then? Go out there and make Peace. Go be its Champion. You’re prepared. You’re ready! Every day Peace. Everyday Peace.