Wonder at Advent Peace

This is a night of wonder: Whether you’re awaiting the birth of a babe or the flight of reindeer or a moment of quiet, let heaven and nature sing…

I’m in a tough place right now… missing my sister, too many deaths around me, people living in impossible situations, it’s a bit overwhelming. And yet Christmas comes. For me, there’s the sweet familiarity of carols and ancient stories that remind us of great possibilities… and things that happen that we can’t even begin to understand…

don’t wonder at babes in stables, talking animals, angels in the heavens, reindeer in starry skies, fat guys in skinny chimneys, and presents under the tree? you’re missing a lot. how about the sweetness of friends and their generosity? all pretty wonderful. and a day of peace… can you let it be that and can you let it be wonderful?

Have I said in this blog that a bishop at a recent ordination meant to say we need to become apostles of the truth… and he said impossibles of the truth and I thought: brilliant!!!! Let’s be Impossibles of the Truth. and here’s the Truth: Peace is Possible… there is much to wonder at in that!

the awe is palpable on this night of Love… Happy Everything!


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