Wild Peace

It was the pared away, elemental nature of Alaska that kept seizing at my heart. Such stark Beauty! And the ship really had done a good job making sure that there were places that you could view that Beauty without being overwhelmed with all the people and activities. In the bar on the 9th floor there were recliners facing a wall of windows to which you could retreat.

But then there was that lovely thermal room just one deck down. I was plenty happy to stew in that mineral hot pot and devour the scenery Nature had on display. But occasionally, even I would get too warm and sneak out on that tiny deck. There you were, alone in the world and all that wind. It’s as close as I may ever come to flying. I was struck while standing there that this is how it must feel for the gods to review their handiwork or for the angels to play in a place where they weren’t about to be ensnared in the telephone lines of civilization.

There was something that encouraged and engaged my fanciful nature… but all the fantasies were ones of power, built from the awe the landscape engendered… this is strong and powerful country, not made for cupids or putti

That moment on the balcony was a reminder that when you’re offered the opportunity to see the world the way the gods do, open your eyes and breathe it in!


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