Weathering Peace, llvl

Some days, you just get lucky. Yesterday was one of those days. Right there in the middle of all the chilly, chilly weather came a warm and lovely day.

The whole world dashed outside and enjoyed the day. Leaves were blown. Christmas lights were hung. (Work, the paying kind, must have been avoided because work around the house was being accomplished.)

People went out walking or tooling around in their cars with the windows down.

Some people wanted to know what it meant “that we had such weather?” Others were sure “we would pay for it.”

I think it was a bonus. A little throw away that if we were smart, we picked right up and enjoyed to the fullest. Tomorrow, the temperature starts its journey south on the thermometer and snow — they say — is expected. (You remember that I live in Snow Hole, PA, right, so don’t look for a lot here!)

But I hope you enjoyed the day. And I hope you’ll enjoy the snow when it arrives. This is what we have. Might as well make Peace with it! (Of course, it does feel easier when the weather is so temperate, doesn’t it?)



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