Expanding Peace, llvl

It would seem to me that the expansion of Peace is both our work and an incredible gift. Peace becomes more precious as it is spread. It’s not meant for hoarding, not meant for a chosen few. It’s supposed to be slathered on the unevenness of life with a lavish hand.

Is the world more parsimonious, more acrimonious right now? Are we more fear based than other times? It certainly feels that way.

It’s not that we disagree with one another but that we hate each other for daring, daring, daring to think differently. And some people we hate simply for existing.

I’m not advocating singing “let’s all look on the bright side of life” (oh, thank you, Monty Python) and ignoring the plight of too much of humanity. Rather, I’m suggesting that we open our hearts and minds (and, yes, our purse strings, too!) to a world in need of balance.

I’m asking us to think about what we can do, each and every one of us, to respond to life’s bounty with generosity. Things are hard. That is why we must be generous and we must call one one another to lighten and loosen up a bit. “Try to see it my way.” Just for a bit.

Yes, life is changing. Digging in our heels and pretending that it isn’t has never been a very good response to change. And it’s getting ugly. And there’s no reason for that. We can go to the gym all we want, but unless we’re practicing generosity, our hearts will still be stunted and stuttering.

Let all our looking to see what is wrong be a prelude to our deciding what we must do. Peace. Let’s spread it around.




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