No Hate in Peace Sabbath, llvl

I’m on FB, and I cherish the connections I have there. My friends group is comprised of friends (from childhood right through whatever-we’re-calling-this-hood), my wonderful wedding couples, ministry colleagues and some business ones, and some dear, dear acquaintances.

I’ve always been proud that my friends range across all sorts of spectra — political, gender, religious, race, background, and age. I find people fascinating and an endless source of beauty, laughter and heart. I like watching the community grow and cross pollinate.

But recently, I’ve been taken aback by the vitriol. It seems people aren’t happy. In too many cases, it seems that they’ve decided that whatever’s wrong in their lives is a result of Someone Else.

Too often their responses to their disillusionment is mindless Memes. Mean Memes. I hate you Memes. It makes me sad. I don’t think the response is cute cat videos, but what if we spent some time talking about how we’re engaged in making life better — not just for ourselves, but for others… anyone interested in a kind, constructive December? then if we’re successful for a month we maybe will have started something for the new year.

Today’s a Slow Sweet Sabbath for me. Starting out with breakfast with a friend and then services and a course and dinner with a friend. Maybe a little story writing in between… ah… Enjoying! I hope you do as well. May I (you) (we) be kind. May I (you) (we) be well. May I (you) (we) be filled with kindness and Peace.




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