Keeping Me in Peace, llvl

Having purpose in your life is both exciting and seductive. Each and every one of us has something wonderful to offer. When we hone our skills and put them to work where they’ll be of service (or at least the best we can imagine), we’re making a difference and doing it in a way that helps us to flourish. it’s an all-round good deal.

But the problem with purpose is that it tends to be all consuming. It’s easy to believe that you have the only piece necessary to complete the Peace Puzzle. And so all your efforts get placed on the purpose, and few get concentrated on you and what you need to keep these efforts going.

You gotta find the balance. ok, ok. I have to find the balance. So, I’m making small efforts. Not going to talk about them, let’s give them a month to get rooted. And really, other people’s health and exercise regimens aren’t all that interesting… But it’s all about being present both to Peace’s needs and your own.

So… I’m trying. Because if I’m not making Peace with who I am and trying to make me more Peaceful… I won’t have it for the long haul. And Peace is definitely a long-haul business. Peace and health to you — so there can be Peace and health to the world.


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