Upright Peace, llvl

Who knows what metaphors are going to catch you… But the notion of being an upright person, upright citizen of my vida local, caught my heart.

I could see myself standing comfortably, balancing in an easy Tai Chi Position (casting no shadow), and being prepared for movement in whatever direction I was called to move. Pivot. Move forward. Step backward. I want my goals and plans and dreams for Peace to be written on my face, so that those who see me there, know that I will always try to step toward Peace.

I want to be stalwart and reliable for those who need a place to lean. If I am counted as present, then I can be helpful to those who need support. I want to be a building block for Peace.

An upright for Peace. Reminding myself of this two days a year may help me remember at other times what my work is…


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