Peace Monuments, llvl

I sometimes wonder if the Universe doesn’t find little ways to amuse itself. Now maybe whoever built this house in 1860 carefully calculated how to capture the sun on the equinoxes and at no other time of the year.

Or maybe the Sun, on one of it’s endless rotations noticed this dark hallway and thought, huh, I can do this. Wonder if anyone will notice.

Did all the other inhabitants of the notice? I can ask one of them. There’s a guy in town whom I’ve been following from rental to rental… I’ve told him the next move is into his house. Small towns. everything has provenance and you can figure it out.

Or did it take this Earth-centered witch to hang the crystal and notice both the molten gold and the rainbow. When you work at home, you practice being present to all sorts of things! Whatever. It causes me to rejoice. I start checking about a week before, hope for sun on the days I’m looking on those late afternoons and wait for the magic to happen on this very dark stairwell. Ah! there it is!

Tiny little Blessings show up lots of places and give you Peace. Let’s pay attention! Let’s hear it for Peace.


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