Trudging Peace

Every Tuesday I have breakfast with my friend Turrie. I’ve told you stories before about the little drive-in along the river. Today, in an effort to get my life looking a bit like normal and tend to my health, I decided to walk. As always, I was late, stride, stride, striding along.

On the way back I found myself fiercely concentrating… and I’m not sure I can tell you on what. A moment of self reflection perhaps? Or considering that I needed some dish detergent? But back I came, head down, chewing on something or the other, things to do, things I’ve done, broken hearts, you know, the usual.

I got home to a message from Turrie… did you see the eagle? Um, no, I hadn’t. I’d been so busy trudging and stomping through life, that I’d neglected to notice a very large and beautiful bird about 20 yards away.

You gotta look up. Mr. or Ms. Eagle would have lifted my heart, if I’d been willing to see him. Here I was, thank you, Oscar Wilde, living out the poem I’d just written. Life imitating art… (I know, audacious, eh, to consider my little musing art…) but not the uplifting part of it.

So, in my walking about today, I’ll try and get my head up off my feet… and perhaps cut myself a break… we’re not always ready to look up or out, but it’s a healthy reminder that we miss beauty when we’re stuck… Luckily the eagle lives here and I’ll unstick eventually!

It has been my pleasure to serve as your reminder of missed opportunities. Just remember, as our parents might have told us “do what I say, not what i do!”


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