Peace Challenges

It’s always more work than you think it is. And there are always more obstacles than you think there should be. And too many of the obstacles, hard work and challenges are about what you bring to the journey: your beliefs, your insistences, your close-mindedness…

Just when you think you’ve gotten some clarity, grabbed a deep breath and think things are fine, the way gets rocky.

And yet, somewhere, deep in you know. There is only Peace. It is all you want. And so you persevere.

Sometimes it’s really, really hard work. Today? It’s one of those days for me. I hope your day is being better. But even if it isn’t. On we go. Peace wants us… there’s joy and laughter and sweet memories, just a bit farther on down the road. And there we’ll sit and weep and mend our hearts and restore our souls a bit before we travel on. We’ll do that simply because we’re there with one another.



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