A Deliberate, Discerning Sabbath Peace

Life’s a confusing thing to balance, isn’t it? And yet it’s walking that teeter-totter that we’re supposed to do (and how long has it been since i’ve printed that word?)

But here we are, with a day ahead of us in which to practice discernment… in which to practice refusing a mindless response to life, to release knee-jerk business.

I know not all the world observes the Sabbath on Sundays — Sadly, many of us don’t observe them at all. “I’m not religious” people say. But church-going, snyagogue-going, mosque-going or temple-going or not, the sabbath is about the pause and the in-breath and the out breath and then the repetition… in that sweet stillness is a place of regeneration and a place of sound decision making.

So, altogether now, exhale. now inhale. repeat. What — exhale first???? Yeppers. get rid of the stale air before you put all that fresh, clean, sanity giving air on top.

And then make some choices about your day… Wishing you a slow Peaceful Sabbath of being present and of doing the work that’s allotted.




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