Simple Peace

On a day where what is remembered is senseless violence and senseless loss of life, let us remember that we can so easily be people of Peace. The only response to hate is more Love. Love was what we saw that day as well. And Courage. People were so brave in helping one another, on that day and in the many horrible days that followed. Brave even unto death.

Nothing will bring those beloved lives back. Nothing will make that “better.” People may quibble with my statement that those lives are unredeemable, there was no reason for God to redeem them, God simply gathered them home to the Divine heart. But the notion that we redeem them by our actions implies a power I don’t think we have. We can only mourn and honor those lives and we must. As we must with all who die senselessly in the crossfire of people’s hatred.

And in honoring them, all we can do is work to make it different. Many have chosen to pull in and brace in fear. But it is better that we reach out in celebration of all the possibilities.

May there be Peace on Earth. May it begin with each of us.


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