Peace Obscured

It’s somehow shameful in this culture to admit that something is beyond you. “Stick to it!” we say. “Find that can-do spirit.”

But sometimes it all feels overwhelming. And do you know what? Stop! It’s perfectly okay not to be able to manage everything. Not every piece of work is yours to do. It’s important to remember:

  1. We’re not always the right person.
  2. It’s not always the right time for anything to happen. The way may not be clear.
  3. We’re not always in a position to do what needs to be done; we may just be sick and tired and unable to keep moving.
  4. Someone else may have the vision that’s needed at this particular moment.

The need for Peace is never going to go away. But you have to be aware and rested to participate in the struggle. And if you’re tired? You should rest. And if you’re confused. Sit down let the clouds pass… and maybe someone will wander by with the answer. Or you can figure out where you might go to get the answer. No sense flailing about!


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