Traveling Peace, llvl

My Sister- and Brother-in-law are getting on a train and setting out to see the Country. Oh, my goodness, it will be so fun!

I’ve driven back and forth a couple times. It’s so vast. The landscapes are so different. Oh, the taste of hunger on my tongue to see this Beauty. But plenty fun enough to live vicariously.

They’ve plotted and planned for this trip for years. I went to see them yesterday, they were so excited.

Plotting and planning for what you want. Now that’s a good thing. See the Beauty the world has to offer. Also good. Meeting people long the way. Pretty fun, too.

They’re people collectors these two, so they’ll have a whole bunch of stories to tell along the way and when they get home. They have a knack for being present.

Where do you Hunger to go? What do you Hunger for? And how are your plans coming along. Plotting and planning for Adventure. Plotting and Planning for Peace.  Let’s do what we need to enjoy this life!


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