Tossed Salad Peace

While tossed salad might be a bit confused for a Peace metaphor, it’s probably not far off. A while ago, people suggested that the term melting pot was not as helpful an analogy as it could be and the idea of a salad, where bits of individuality are tossed in merry abandon is really far more what society is like. The more bits, the more interesting! Life is abundant, we need to open up to experience the joy of that, rather than holding on to things so tightly that we squeeze the life out of them…

When we rub up against one another, we take on each other’s flavor a bit… life gets spiced up… balance is established and that’s a good thing, that’s a Peace thing. That’s a beautiful thing.

It’s wrong, I think, to consider Peace as a calm pool… it’s a river, it’s flowing and changing… Peace is like that. Our job is to keep it running smoothly and stop throwing acid into the water.

Oh, dear, now I’m off on a river metaphor and have left the salad to the side. Ah well, rather than fix it, let’s just take our salad to the river and sit in peace and quiet beside it.

Sweet Peace of a wonderful salad to you.


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