Peaceful Picnic Sabbath

I love to picnic… whether that’s eating on my porch or going to a pavilion in the park where you line up the “covered dishes” on one table and sit around wooden tables… (with your favorite picnic cloth to be sure!) Why yesterday, which was almost a picnic except everyone opted for the airconditioning, I was introduced to a whole new concept in jello “salad.” I never make jello. I love it at picnics!

It’s the food. It’s the outdoors. It’s the kids’ running around playing age old games… swinging on swing sets… and later sitting around campfires, singing old songs (with those few of us who are old enough to remember campfire songs. Last night I was with people who had never HEARD Ashgrove before… sigh.)

So, let’s bring back picnics… it’s a great way to spend time with people. It’s fun to learn what other people put in their potato salad. And let’s remember that we can take along our own dishes… and not make a mess to be recycled. Here’s to eating outdoors on a peaceful Sunday afternoon… Here’s to a peaceful picnic Sabbath…


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