Threats against Peace

There are war noises going on all over the world. There is real war going on too. I don’t know what to do about war. I don’t think strategically so I really don’t know what the country should do next. I’m not in on the desperate behind the scenes diplomatic wrangling.

Because I’m in the midst of thinking about domestic violence and how it starts and what makes it stop, I don’t know what I think about standing down, standing aside. When there’s threat (is there threat?) what do the threatened do?

And how do i make a difference? and where? Right now I have maybe three places I can put energy to try and defuse problems of violence and enmity. I think, write, and pray about peace and peacemaking every day. I’m working on Love Flows and supporting a community that was devastated, trying to be a good, supportive neighbor. In my mind, more than on paper yet, I’m beginning to think about a banishing ritual for Domestic Violence. I don’t know what that means yet, it’s all swirly and nascent. But I do know, I’m not ready to weigh in on the politics of war. All I can do is work to eliminate the frictions. What can you do? Is there something we can do together?


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