Peace on the Cusp

Well, I was up bright and early this morning. Well, actually, I was up early. The weather was a bit grumpy and so was I. But the weather… is bringing rain, wonderful rain. So Spring will feel so much springier at the end of this… And how can I resist… and why would I? I’m really hoping to convince folk that it takes far more energy to be grumpy than it does to just sit back and notice what happens… and appreciate it for what it is.

Although we can really see the cusp at this point of the year… a couple at the coffee place where I was meeting my wedding couple showed up: him in shorts and flipflops, her in a long sheepskin coat with hood. It’s that kind of day.

But you and I, whether in sheepskin or shorts, must opt for the good… The more of us who do, the more who will join us and the greater the odds we’ll reach the tipping point. So, c’mon, rain aside, early morning easing into the day… let’s go change the world. What’s your doin’ good thing today? I’d love to know! Back to (Peace) work!

(wish me luck and that I reap the benefits of my hard work at my recital tonight! Think of me at 7pm with notes floating out of my throat. Try not to laugh imagining me as a 19 year old Asian girl… but hey bigger and far better women than I have tried to convince you of the same thing!)


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