Peaceful Weather

I met an old friend at breakfast the other day. He was laughing and told me he’d lost the bet with himself that he’d made about how long it would take for people to start complaining about the weather again. He said he’d underestimated… the first person on the first warm day was unhappy.

Weather and Nature are cyclical and changeable. It will rarely be exactly what’s expected. But pretty much plants are going to come out and we’re going to still be allergic to… whatever it is we’re allergic to. We’re going to have droughts and deluges… and more and more with the global warming. It will be cold one day and hot the next because April does that.

I’d really like to encourage us to look at the weather as information on what to wear and what activities to plan for the day and leave our horrible, terrible disappointment with the world’s carrying on weather-wise at home. Because it is going to be what it will be. Hot days are only foreshadowing… look at the weather report… or Denver where it was 70 one day and 16 the next with two feet of snow! It wastes your precious Peace time to fret about the weather. Each day is just one more day served up on a platter for our delectation. And even iif happened to find yesterday to be, as my friend Tom B. said, “dessert” but you didn’t, we still had a day to live through.

And as far as the weather goes, if we’re not happy, we’d better rather than just waiting a while for it to change, get involved in whatever way is right for us in the the struggle to reverse or contain global warming. We have tools at our disposal. But in the meantime, be present, carry on, and have a great day. It’s wasteful not to. Just like everything else, somewhere someone is longing for the very weather you have… Thou shalt not covet thy neighbor’s weather… i’m sure it’s in that book somewhere!


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