The Peace of Winter’s End

While everyone’s jumping around hollering because the sun’s shifting, I am reluctant to let go of Winter’s beauty and its blessed slow pace. I am a jumping around kinda person, so I like being offered Winter’s opportunity for reflection. I like slowing down. I like focusing on my dreams and not just on action.

But will-he, nill-he, things are changing in the natural world’s cycle and carrying us right along with them. So we must consider what pieces of our Peace Dreams we’re going to start developing. You know me, I don’t garden, but I know gardens. They’ve been pouring over seed catalogs and ordering in their favs, designing the layouts of which vegetables and flowers will nestle side by side.

There’s our challenge — to make sure we have what we need to bring our Peace Dream to fruition… to help it bear fruit. Let’s show up and be present to the new season’s beauty, count our blessings and use them to spread over our Peace Gardens and perhaps we can continue to honor the Winter with some consistent periods of quiet, dark and reflection to sustain us for the time of jumping around. Peace, it looks so different at different times in the year, doesn’t it?


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