The Fiercest Peace

I saw a picture of plants with their roots yesterday. The tag on the pic said that plants can converse by clicking their roots. Isn’t that an amazing concept? But as I was looking at the picture and pondering, I started thinking about how hard those soft, tender shoots had to work to break their way through frosty soil. They are driven to come out and open to the sun.

If only you and I were sensitive enough that we could hear Peace’s commanding cry. Or that we could sense a neighbor’s response and begin to listen for promising news. Peace is possible. Don’t we want to be the evangelists for Peace, rising up like the flowers out of hostile ground? Don’t we want to come out in our full beauty in a chorus of Peace? I believe it’s possible. It does mean we need to plant ourselves fairly carefully in the company of others who also believe. and then slowly we must push with all we’re worth, knowing we are both being encouraged and encouraging others. There we are frail flowers for Peace, beautiful in our own right, but astonishing in our combined glory. Imagine the fierce beauty of the Peace of Early Spring. And then push. The World depends upon your willingness to emerge in the name of Peace and Beauty. (Oh, and look, it’s a new month, so we’re now celebrating Nancy Cleaver’s Woven Peace!)


One thought on “The Fiercest Peace

  1. This poem is lovely, Ann, and I really like to think on the concept of roots reaching out. Beautiful! Thank you.

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