The Peace of New Beginnings

Such an incredible, bittersweet moment. My darling goddaughter is crossing the college stage today. That’s all sweet and wonderful. She had a good experience in college. She has a dream internship. If only her mother were here to watch. Yes, I know, watching from heaven, but still… I want her here. One of those days when Maggie will be so sorely missed, by all of us, and especially by that sweet young woman who will always be my girlie.

I have (of course I do!) so much advice for her and for anyone else who might be listening. But mostly, my dear, I want you to cultivate the knack of happiness and a great big hunger for a better world for everyone. Life is so grand. Sure, there are hard times, but drink it in, do your part, and revel. It’s fleeting, this life thing, you don’t want to put off being filled with the wonder of it all. you don’t want to, as some wise person said: postpone joy. And dream very large dreams… and then make them come true.

I’m off to get ready. You’re already ready! Make the most of it. I’ll be watching and loving you with open (but supporting) hands and an open and loving heart. You’re ready. I almost am. and… You’re off!

I love you. I love you all. I have such great anticipation to see what you’ll accomplish and who you’ll become.

and oh! Stay in touch. Visit your auntie!


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