Peace, Love(Flows), Happiness

I don’t know that I could be happier or even prouder. It was a crazy idea and an ambitious goal. To ask 1,500 for $10 to aid recovery work on Staten Island and to take some relief workers a party.

Lots of heads were shaken (that’s ridiculous!!), lots of sighs were heaved (here we go again!), but everyone set to work with a will. And we did it. Did 1,500 people contribute, nah, probably only a thousand. A thousand!!!! A thousand people gave a little so that displaced seniors in Staten Island can have a house with ramps and lifts and so that some still displaced people can get a bit of rent relief.

And now we’re off on Saturday to do some work and to take some relief workers a party. A great band. Great food from here and there… and 50+ volunteers. Get on that bus, folks, there’s a party going on. And you’re the reason.

Keep having those crazy ideas. This really is how Peace gets planted. Love will continue to flow. Joy and Happiness will abound! Let’s go. Gratitude overflowing. Happy Dancing. Pride in the achievement. YES!


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