Connected Peace Sabbath

Well I considered using “you can run, but you cannot hide” as my tag line for this, but i refrained (well sort of!).

I spent an hour yesterday on skype with a friend across the country. Got to see her girls and her husband, got to feel the sweetness… it’s grand. And I’ve been grieving friends’ moving across the country, not being on hand to watch their little grow up, and I finally realized, Oh! right! Skype. They can check in when they’re making dinner and Miss Charming is running around the kitchen. Pretty fun!

So on this Sabbath day, stretch out your heart and call a friend, get in touch. The comment, oh, you can’t really talk on (insert whatever technology here), when it’s all you’ve got, you can make it not enough, or you can make it the world. Why would you choose not enough? A Peaceful heart is well worth it. I have a couple friends whose friendships have been developed via the internet and skype… and you know, they’re plenty good friendships! I think we haven’t realized what we can do with this little tool to make the world sweeter. I think we can make Peace via tiny little electrons. And we can certainly enrich our day, which is not a bad thing in and of itself.

A blessed, restful, Peaceful, connected Sabbath to you all…



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