Commencing Peace

There you go, graduates, off into a world we can’t imagine… but you will. I’m sure you have no idea both how much power you have and how little. Some things just are, and other things are waiting, begging to be changed.

The news, (and it’s always bad), says that we’ve taught you to be entitled, and yet, I have such a strong sense of your willingness to change things. You garden, you recycle, you form social benefit corps. You marry, or will, you parent, or will. You travel and meet new people. You make a difference. I’m proud of you. And I’ll keep cheering you on.

Pay no attention to those people who tell you you can’t have or can’t be. Go do what you were born to do. Off you go now. Have some good fun!

oh, p.s. that Peace thing? Peace really does begin with a girl or a boy, or a young adult, or an elder. It’s every bit as complicated as generations try to tell you and yet, not complicated at all. Try… for everyone’s sake… but mostly your own!


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