Shared Peace and Success

I’ve been watching my dear friend’s joy in his daughter’s accomplishments. It’s such a joy to see and participate in. It’s struck me that we need to do more of this, more living in our friend’s lives. Opening our hearts to what matters to them… The more we can do this with our friends, the more we can do this with others… Caring about people’s lives is what makes us Peacemakers, I think… Peace is personal… stretching out our hands, opening up our hearts, opening up our eyes… This starts the Peace process. It’s easy with our friends, easy when love is already established… More challenging when we’re asking ourselves to really move beyond our boundaries… but this is what Life and Peace require of us.

It’s been a wonderful celebration of my godchild’s graduation here in NY. A lot of memories catching up with me, about these friendships, this city, education, shared life… Making new and wonderful memories, but always, thinking about Peace and how it makes us richer. Does that sound fatuous? I don’t mean it to. But writing every day about Peace does make me think about Peace.

I certainly wish you all a sip of the heady, mix of love and pride and celebration I’m living in at the moment. as Jim Scott says: And may your life be as a song!



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